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Witty, whimsical and one of a kind.

Delvaux presents the Magritte Collection, a playful collection that reaffirms la Maison’s commitment to the arts and its unique partnership with the Magritte Foundation. Featuring René Magritte’s unique oeuvre in its creations, it is suffused with surrealist spirit, trompe l’oeil effects and unexpected, humorous twists. A heartfelt homage to one of Belgium’s greatest artists.

Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux

No Magritte collection would be complete without the Brillant Humour. Its enigmatic text (which means this is not a Delvaux), makes playful reference to the artist’s legendary painting ‘The Treachery of Images,’ and has become a firm Delvaux favourite. Elegant in black or sky blue with contrasting white writing, it is utterly transformed in ivory. Its near-translucent writing captures the light, giving a beautifully pure effect. A limited edition wonder.

    When nothing is as it seems

    The Magritte Collection comes with a wide range of functional and witty small leather goods, from playful pochettes and travel wallets to enigmatic charms. Making use of the ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect much favoured by Magritte, they reveal and conceal symbols such as doves and bowler hats, depending on how they are worn.

    Fun and chic, they come in classic colour variations including black, navy, ivory, sky blue and nude.

      Something for him

      The Magritte Collection has something for everyone, including a complete range of bags and accessories for men. Whether for travel, shopping or work, the men’s collection emits elegance and style, all with a surreal twist.

      Unique to the men’s collection are handles shaped like a bowler hat and a specially conceived soft lining. Printed with Magritte’s Golconda, his well-known painting of floating men dressed in suits and bowler hats, reinterpreted in timeless shades of grey and Ivory.

        Travel ready with the D-off

        The D-off is for when work ends and fun begins. And vice-versa. A practical weekender bag, its size makes it the perfect piece for a city trip or travels further afield. Casual yet elegant, it has soft grips on the handles, an adjustable shoulder strap and a big outer pocket ideal for travel tickets and documents. The keyhole detail on the front flap is a nod to Magritte’s painting Le Sourire du Diable, while the inside has a handy double pocket and an exquisite Golconda lining. Available in navy & black and ivory & black the casual-chic D-off is always ready to take off.

        The elegance of symbols

        When elegant soirées call, the Magritte Collection offers two exceptional evening bags. Dressed in the most precious of skins, the Tempête PM is graced with Magritte’s emblematic dove, symbol of peace and unity. Soaring across the front in shimmering gold against a dark black sky, the effect is breath-taking.

        Playing with one of Magritte’s most famous symbols, the Brillant Mini Apple is as sophisticated as it is surprising. Decorated with a stunning brass apple seemingly floating under its handle, it is an original oeuvre made for life’s most special occasions. A true work of art.

        The Magritte Alphabet

        Created from Magritte’s most beloved symbols, the collection includes a sophisticated ‘Magritte alphabet’ in primary colours and touches of gold. The stylized iconography features bowler hats, crescent moons, clouds and more on a number of small leather accessories and gifts. From the Message pouch to small card holders, a Brillant Charm and a silk scarf, they showcase the irresistible side of Belgian surrealism with colour and joy.